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About Us

CBNet Marketing Concepts Ltd is a modern Media-Management and Marketing Research firm that combines effective, ethical Word-of-Mouth Referral-Marketing and ICT to drive sales of goods and services and at the same time help in the reduction of advertising spend for entrepreneurs. It essentially helps in the redistribution of wealth to loyal customers of a brand, via a simple referral and compensation formula.

CBNet Marketing Concepts Ltd metamorphosed from Capital Builders’ Network Ltd and amended its Objects to focus on the development of unique marketing concepts that benefit both entrepreneurs and consumers.

CBNet is headed by a marketing researcher and supported by an experienced team of young professionals in the fields of ICT, Project Management and Accountancy.

cbnet motivation

Our Motivation

We are driven by the endless opportunities that ICT presents and the conviction that poverty alleviation must be taught and learned in order to succeed; that poverty in the third world can be reduced considerably if a concerted effort is made of the individual and his network of associates, relatives and friends to learn how to support each other financially, in a systematic, transparent fashion using ICT. We maintain that – One Cannot Do It Alone.

cbnet vision

Our Vision

To continuously apply fresh thinking in the provision of sustainable solutions for poverty reduction and in making real impact in the Sales and Marketing marketplace to such an apex that CBNet Marketing would be a name to reckon with.

cbnet mission

Our Mission

CBNet commits to build a team of well motivated and competent staff that would drive the development of our niche market through personalized customer care, and value creation to help meet our stakeholders and shareholders expectations.

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